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8 Hair care tips for dry hair.

Hey guys,

In this blog I’m gonna share some of my hair care tips which we need to consider to avoid your hair becoming dry and frizzy.

1.Brushing your hair thoroughly before washing:

It is very important to brush your hair before washing it ,as it spreads all the natural oils evenly throughout your hair giving it a protective coat.
The absence of any sort of tangled strands makes it much easier to effectively rinse your hair and make sure you comb your hair starting from the bottom to the roots.

2.Washing your hair less often:

By over-washing your hair you are stripping it off its natural oils which results in your hair becoming dull,dry and prone to more breakage.
I would recommend to wash your hair not more than 3 times a week.

3.It’s all about water temperatures:

Warm water opens up hair cuticles to allow shampoo and conditioner to do their job,whereas cold water helps to close the cuticles and seal moisture and helps your hair look shiny and healthy.
So if you take warm shower,at the end don’t forget to rinse with cold water.

4.Alcohol free shampoo:

When you buy your shampoo make sure you definitely have a quick look at the ingredients.
Alcohol makes your hair frizzy, a helpful ingredient is Glycerin.
I would recommend to aim for the shampoos that are rich in glycerin and alcohol free.

5.Conditioning your hair:

Using conditioner on a regular basis is important for your hair,but use it only to the ends.
I wouldn’t recommend using conditioner directly to the scalp.After this rinse your hair super well with cold water to get all the product out of it otherwise your hair loses its healthy shine.

6.Handling your wet hair:

When your hair is wet it is important not to rub or brush your hair,instead try gently pressing and squeezing the moisture from the hair without rubbing with the towel.
When u rub your hair it will create frizz so gentle squeeze removes more moisture and keeps your hair smooth.I would recommend using soft material like t-shirt instead of using a towel.

7.Applying hair serum:

Apply any of your favorite hair serum when your hair is wet. Hair serum controls frizz,eases out tangles and reduces breakage to give you silky and shinny hair.

8. Minimize blow drying:

Let your hair air dry until it’s about 90% dry and then blow dry your hair at the end.
While Blow drying,if your dryer has the option of blowing at reduced heat definitely go for it.By doing this it makes your hair less frizzy.


I hope some of these tips might be useful for you and if you want more hair care routines and for any suggestions feel free to drop a comment below.



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