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Heart hairstyles

Hi lovelies,

I’m back with two simple heart hairstyles. Let’s get started.

CGH inspired heart:

•First grab two sections of hair from either side and tie with an elastic.
•Grab other section right below it from left side, take that section under the above section.
•Now pass that section between those two sections bringing from below the second section.Do it on the other side also and tie both the sections with an elastic.


•For this first grab some section of hair from your crown area and tie it with an elastic.
•Now make a hole and pull that pony out from inside the hole.
•Now divide the section of hair into two parts, by adjusting them as heart shape tie with an elastic.
•I ended up making a bubble braid next, this is just optional.

I hope you will like this idea,bye for now😊.





14 thoughts on “Heart hairstyles

      1. But I love long hairs. I’ve even told my mother and girlfriend not to cut much, let it grow. Also, whenever I’m on video call with my girlfriend, I’ve always told her to keep her hairs open. It’s just amazing! ❤️

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