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Hey guys,

How are you doing? Today I’m gonna show you two super easy hairstyles.I love how they turned out. So, let’s get started.


  • Take a piece of hair from one side,make a loop and pin it with hair pin.
  • Take another piece of hair from right side,pull it through the left side strand.
  • Now,pull that strand above the looped strand and thread it under the right strand as shown in the picture. Lastly remove the pins and gently tighten the knot.




  • Start by braiding a 3-strand braid on one side. Go on adding sections of hair (from one side only) to the braid until you reach the bottom and secure it with an elastic.
  • Now take a small section of hair (from where you started your braid) and do a 3-strand braid.
  • Pull the braid (one side only) to make it more voluminous.
  • Now roll the braid and secure it with hair pins .so,you’ll get a rose as shown in the picture.



Hope you’ll like these two simple hairstyles.


Sahithi 🙂




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