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Hey guys,

In this post I’m gonna show you 4 DIYs for Christmas with paper which are super easy. So let’s get started.


  • Take a cardboard and cut it in round shape(cut out the center )
  • Use paper cutter or scissors to cut strips of green color paper.
  • Bend the paper strip around the rim of the cardboard and staple or glue the edges of the strip together to secure the strip.Continue doing it to the whole cardboard.
  • Now overlap each paper strips and glue them.
  • Take a fabric and make it into a bow and attach it to the top of the wreath.
  • Now take another green color paper and cut them into leaf shape and glue them to the wreath and lastly style your wreath however you want.




  • By using paper cutter or scissors, cut paper strips and fold them into half.
  • Now put 5 strips together,adjust it as shown in the picture and staple it and cut out the excess paper.
  • Now make 6-7 of them and glue all the edges together.




  • Take foam sheets or fabric ,trace rein deer horns and cut 4 of them.
  • Glue or stitch two of them together leaving some space (edge)to fill it with toy stuffing or cotton.
  • After filling stitch or hot glue the unglued edge and style them with some beads.
  • Lastly stitch or hot glue them to the beanie. (Here, I’ve used monkey cap,so first I transformed it into a beanie by closing the hole by stitching and then I folded the opening to make it look like a beanie)




  • For this DIY ,put some candies in a box or a container.
  • Close the lid and cover the whole box with white color paper.
  • Lastly draw face of a snowman and add a piece of fabric as a scarf and glue it.



I hope you’ll like these DIYs. See you all in my next blog.Bye.


Sahithi 🙂



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