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100 FOLLOWERS!!!Beaming with joy.

Hey guys,

My blog hit 2 months and received 100 follows.I’m so happy!!


I’m extremely delighted to thank each one of you for supporting me,and I hope my posts are useful for you guys.

I hope my blog will grow much more in near future and special thanks to my fellow bloggers who have been a lot of support for me.




Once again thankyou so much for following and supporting me.

Lots of love,

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Affordable makeup products which should be in beginners makeup bag.

I’m not a makeup addict or a makeup pro but yeah I love to do makeup and I think these are some of the makeup essentials for beginners which are  affordable.



The most important thing we need to do before applying any product to our face is to moisturize your skin.

1.POND’S moisturizing cold cream:  
This cold cream deeply moisturizes your skin and makes it smooth and soft.During winters it is the most lovable cold cream.
POND’S white beauty Fairness cream SPF 15PA++: 
This gives flawless radiant complexion,nourishes your skin and fades all the spots and dullness.



2.Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation:
This foundation blends easily into your skin and create a soft glowing finish.It covers all blemishes and dark spots.


3. Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact:
This compact provides glowing complexion to your skin in an instant. This is available for all skin tones.


Coming to chapsticks and lipbalms:

4. Maybelline New York Baby Lips:
This is my favorite chapstick. It moisturizes your lips for a full 8 hours. This can be worn alone or under lipstick or lip gloss.

5.Nivea Lipbalm:
This lipbalm delivers long lasting moisture and makes your lips soft,smooth and shine.


6.Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick:
This lipstick keeps your lips soft,vibrant and last long.The good thing for beginners is this lipstick is affordable.These two are my favorite shades.


7. Lakme Eyeconic kajal:
This is smudge proof as well as waterproof kajal for everyday use.What I love the most in this product is it lasts up to 22 hours.

8.Dazzler Eyetex Eyebrow Pencil:
This provides your brows a fuller look and a more natural looking brows.

9. Dazzler Mascara:
Eyetex Dazzler mascara gives you water resistant,thicker,softer,separated lashes without lumps or flakes.It’s a must for beginners.


Last but not the least is to grab a mirror with you in your bag, just to check your makeup or to see if you have anything on your face,which is the most essential thing for our girls out there!

IMG_20171230_211237         IMG_20171230_212645

I hope this gives an idea for beginners and these all are the affordable products.If you have any queries comment down below.

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DIY Minnie mouse headband



Hotglue gun or fevicol
Fabric of your choice

Let’s get started:
Firstly cut the cardboard into Minnie ears shape.My cardboard is not that much thick so I’ve taken 4 cardboard ears and glued two ears together.So now we have 2 cardboard ears.


Now trace these ears over the fabric of your choice and cut it out.When you cut the fabric make sure to cut it 3-4 cm more outside the traced line so you’ll get extra fabric around the edges of the ears.Cut 4 pieces of fabric.

2017-12-27 04.11.47 1.jpg

Now glue the fabric to the cardboard ears to hide all of that ugly cardboard.When you are gluing the edges make sure you glue one side first and next the other side overlapping it for more cleaner look.


Like this make the other ear also.Now for a bow take another color fabric and cut into rectangular shape.



Make foldings at the center of the fabric and take another small piece of fabric and wrap it around the folding and glue it.Cut off any excess fabric and shape the bow with your hand.




Now decorate your bow with beads of your choice.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Now its time to put all the pairs together:

Glue the DIY ears to the headband and make sure that the ears are 2-3 inches apart.Hold down them for atleast 30 sec to let the glue set.Final touch is to add the bow at the center of the band and for extra security glue the bow to the ears also.

Wola!There you have this cute little Minnie mouse headband.If you have recreated this tag your pic to #lilmunchkinn in Instagram. I’d like to see yours.

2017-12-28 03.23.57 1.jpg