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Simple everyday hairstyle

Hi lovelies,

Today I’m gonna show you this super cool everyday hairstyle. I really loved how this look turned out, this can be done on any hair textures.So let’s get started 😉


  • Side part your hair and grab some section of hair from the front and start doing a Dutch braid (reverse 3-strand braid) until you reach nape of your neck and tie with a elastic and pin it.

After braiding I pancaked it just to make it look more voluminous.

  • Now grab some section of hair from the front right below this Dutch braid and divide it into two halves and make a regular knot.

  • Continue making knots until you reach back and pin them in place.

  • Vola! This is the final look of this hairstyle.

I hope you’ll love this idea.Comment down below for any suggestions, bye for now.



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Paper Valentine’s wreath

Hi lovelies,

If you are looking for some quick DIY stuff for this Valentine,here is this simple cute paper wreath. So let’s get started.


Color papers

  • Take 15x15cm paper(color of your choice) ,draw and cut as shown.

  • Roll the paper from the starting edge ,after reaching the end loosen up and stick with the glue.

  • Shape it with your fingers and yeah you’ll get a cute rose.Make as many roses as you want according to your wreath size.

  • Now take a cardboard and paper of heart shape(size of your choice) .Stick the heart shaped paper on to the cardboard.

  • Stick all pre-made roses and your wreath is done.

I hope you’ll love this idea,comment down below for any suggestions .Bye for now😊.


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Cute Heart hairstyle

Hi lovelies,

I’m back with an other cute heart hairstyle .This is very simple and easy hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for any hair textures. So let’s get started ♥

  • Grab some section of hair from your crown area and do a regular 3-strand braid. Do some 6-7 stitches and pull thin strands from that braid on either sides.
  • Reverse those strands and tie with an elastic.
  • Now bend them into a heart shape and tie with an elastic.

  • Leave your hair like that or grab some section of hair from one side, twist it and pin it at the back .

I hope you will like this idea, bye for now 😊



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Heart hairstyles

Hi lovelies,

I’m back with two simple heart hairstyles. Let’s get started.

CGH inspired heart:

•First grab two sections of hair from either side and tie with an elastic.
•Grab other section right below it from left side, take that section under the above section.
•Now pass that section between those two sections bringing from below the second section.Do it on the other side also and tie both the sections with an elastic.


•For this first grab some section of hair from your crown area and tie it with an elastic.
•Now make a hole and pull that pony out from inside the hole.
•Now divide the section of hair into two parts, by adjusting them as heart shape tie with an elastic.
•I ended up making a bubble braid next, this is just optional.

I hope you will like this idea,bye for now😊.



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Spinz BB Cream Review

Hi lovelies,

Recently Spinz have launched a BB cream(Brightening & Beauty Fairness Cream) which is budget friendly. I would like to share my review on this BB cream.

Price: INR 100 for 29 grams.


•This BB cream is in a thin long tube made of good quality plastic with a slight metallic finish.

•Its cap is rose gold color.This is light weight so you can easily carry it in your bag.
•This have a nice floral fragrance and is in yellow color.
•It says it gives 2x instant glow,covers spots and provides sun protection.
•Very smooth and non-sticky texture.


When I first heard about it I was bit sure that this product won’t disappoint me so I went ahead.

If you want to stay away from that heavy makeup days you should definitely give this a try.

I love the Floral fragrance of this product and its texture.

This BB cream might be a quite turn off for girls with very fair or dark skin tones as this is in a single shade. But this suits my skin tone very well and I’m very much satisfied with this product.


•This blends off very well and smooth and is non-sticky which gives you a fresh feel.
•This definitely gives you an Instant glow.
•This is best for daily usage- for college or office.
•Highly affordable product.


•Due to the texture of this cream,dry skin people should first moisturize your skin otherwise it will enhance dry patches.
•It gives you an instant glow but doesn’t cover all your spots if they are dark(covers if they are light).

Finally,I would recommend this BB cream if you are looking for some instant glow and natural finish.

Do share your thoughts about this in the comment section below..:)


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Heart hairstyle

Hi lovelies,

It’s February month which means valentines month so I thought of doing heart hairstyles for you guys this whole month, let’s get started with this cute heart with a rosette hairstyle.

•Take a small section of hair from your crown area and tie it with an elastic.


•Now make a hole and pull that pony out through the hole.


•Now divide it into two sections and do two regular 3-strand braids.


•Combine those two braids and by adjusting them like a heart tie with an elastic.Now do a regular 3-strand braid right below the heart and roll it and pin it in place.


•This is the final look of this hairstyle,which is simple and cute for teens.



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Pom-pom Tassel Earrings

Hi lovelies,

Recently Pom-pom and tassel Earrings are all over the web,so today I’m gonna show you how to make cute Pom-pom tassel Earrings. Let’s get started.

Materials required :

  • Woolen yarn
  • Silk thread
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Earring Hooks
  • Needle
  • Eye pins
  • Jump rings
  • A piece of cardboard.

All these will be available in any fancy stores and

  • First, pre-cut a length of yarn of approximately 6 inches and keep it aside.
  • Wrap the yarn around your two fingers or three fingers (your choice of size). Wrap it around 40-45 times.

  • Take your pre-cut yarn and push it between your fingers and wrap it around from below, pull it from other side and make a knot.

  • Slide the bundle off and double knot as tightly as you can.

  • Using scissors cut through all the loops.Pom-pom will be uneven, so cut it all around like a haircut 😉 to round it all out!

  • Lastly shape it with your palm and fingers.

  • Now take a cardboard and start wrapping the silk thread.Wrap it around 200 times or more.

  • Now cut the thread,open the round jump-ring and insert that jump-ring and eye pin into the middle of the wrapped bundle and close it with the pliers.If you don’t have pliers don’t worry bend it with your hand carefully.

  • Turn back and cut the wrapped thread in the middle.Take a needle with thread and insert it in the middle (where you inserted jump-ring), wrap it around 5-6 times and make a tight knot.

  • To make them neat and straight with the help of flat iron, iron them.

  • Now insert the pompom and earring hook into that pin and close(bend) the pin edge with pliers.

  • That’s it you’ll have this cute Pom-pom tassel earrings.

I hope you’ll give them a try. |Like|share|comment|