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2 Everyday Hairstyle Ideas

Hi lovelies,

How are you doing? I’m back with two easy hairstyles. These hairstyles are suitable for any hair textures. Let’s get started.


  1. Grab some section of hair from your crown area and tie with an elastic and divide into two halves.
  2. Grab other small section from the side and make a regular 3-strand braid.
  3. After making some stitches, take thin section of hair from the pony and add to the braid.
  4. Continue adding sections into the braid and tie with an elastic.
  5. Do it on the other side and combine these two and tie with an elastic.


  1. Make 3 regular 3-strand braids on either side and tie with an elastic at the crown area.
  2. Grab some section of hair beside that pony and do a 3-strand braid.
  3. Now pull alternate stitches from that braid.
  4. Do it on both the sides.

These are the two cute and yet simple everyday half updo hairstyles. I hope you’ll love these two ideas, comment down below which one is your favorite one,Bye for now 😊.


Sonu ❤

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Heart hairstyle

Hi lovelies,

It’s February month which means valentines month so I thought of doing heart hairstyles for you guys this whole month, let’s get started with this cute heart with a rosette hairstyle.

•Take a small section of hair from your crown area and tie it with an elastic.


•Now make a hole and pull that pony out through the hole.


•Now divide it into two sections and do two regular 3-strand braids.


•Combine those two braids and by adjusting them like a heart tie with an elastic.Now do a regular 3-strand braid right below the heart and roll it and pin it in place.


•This is the final look of this hairstyle,which is simple and cute for teens.



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Fake 4-strand braid

Hey guys,

Some of you might feel difficult to braid a 4-strand braid,don’t worry guys if you can’t do it let’s just fake it.Today I’m gonna show you a fake 4-strand braid.This actually makes your braid look more thick and voluminous.

•Firstly side part or middle part your hair and grab some section of hair from the front and do a normal 3-strand braid on either sides and bring it back and tie it with an elastic. I’ve done two braids on either sides.This is just an optional step.


•Now divide your hair into two sections and do a two regular 3-strand braids.


•Next combine these two plaits and tie them with an elastic as a single braid.If there are any gaps between those two braids pin them from back with bobby pins.


•Lastly,if you want your braid to be more voluminous pancake your braid and adjust it as you want.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

This is the final look of this braid.I hope you’ll definitely give this a try.